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Krousta’s forest

Yesterday was a great hike at Kroustas pine forest!

We started at 9.00 o'clock from "Tourkises" up to "Forterza" lookout point , we have an amazing view from that point all over the forest and one of the spots that you can see both seas (Aegean and Libyan).

After the quick stop for our photos, we continued through the forest and we had the opportunity to see the locals working on the beehives and explain to us how they extracting the honey 🍯.

We moved to the "Sternes" the big old water tanks ((more than 4000 years old) which the locals could water their plans and their animals.

There we had a nice cool stop to enjoy our fruits under the shade of the enormous pine trees.

3 hours later that the hike was over we stopped for few minutes at the cave of "Tafos" (old hideout of the rebellion army) #exploring it and returned to Kroustas village to cool-down with a coffee!

The family that came with our #Team was one of the best #hiking companions that we had the pleasure to #guide

We had great time with you and hope to come back at #Crete again.

🥰 ❤️ #BestBarcelonaFamilia ❤️🥰

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