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Adrianos Gorge



4-5 hours

Min. Participants: 4
Over 6 people (-10%)

The gorge of Adrianos starts from the village Adrianos. In some places there are high rocks that impede the free course through the gorge, making walking difficult, but not impossible (the course needs about 3 hours). The river flowing in its bed is Skoulikaris that starts near village Potami and it empties in the town of Agios Nikolaos.


Starting time: upon request

Location: Andrianos Village

Implementation period: All year round (upon request)

Route type: Bidirectional

Activity duration with breaks: 4-5 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Suitability: Suitable for all / No previous experience required


Adrianos Adrianos gorge starts from the village Adrianos in Mirambello. It has a lot of vegetation and really big rocks that interfere with our route and making it hard to finish it but not impossible. In this magical place we have the opportunity to gather a lot of greens that taste amazing in a salad. The gorge is surrounded from really long rocks as we said already and big mountains, making the temprature excellent for hiking even during summertime. In our path we meet a lot of caves to explore if possible and if we want to, but flashlight is needed to do that.



Basic equipment if needed (hiking baton,helmet,climbing gear)

Trip planning – Sightseeing

Picnic with fruits and Traditional delicacies

Transfer from the exit point to entry point (if necessary)

Liability insurance

All taxes 

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