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Cycling Trips

Escape to the great outdoors on a cycling getaway with expert guides that really know Crete and Agios Nikolaos. Enjoy unique virgin beauty, cultural richness, and secret natural spots.
Inspiring Holidays & Experiences in the Most Sunny Region of Greece.
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The big Ride

Agios Nikolaos - Prina

Our cycling ride starts from Agios Nikolaos ,after finding the appropriate equipment for each participant. We will ride our bikes up the hill ,heading to Kritsa village for our first rest.

Min. Participants: 2 | Over 6 people (-10%)

Lasithi's circle

Mikro Lasithi- Tzermiado

Our bike ride starts from mesa Lassithi heading southwest towards the village of Agios Georgios for a quick warm-up.

Min. Participants: 2 | Over 6 people (-10%)
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