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Hiking & Cycling


4-6 hours

Min. Participants: 2
Over 6 people (-10%)

We start our hiking at Pyrgos, located 7km from Agios Nikolaos, and Katsikantara gorge.

A small and beautiful gorge with not much water in it at summertime, except the three small lakes inside the gorge.

At the top of the gorge, and 1km away from Prina village, we will enter at a small part of the biggest pine tree forest of our area.

We will meet many bee hives on our way, sheepfolds and small gardens with fruits and olive trees of the locals.

On the Prina village we make a big stop at a water fountain to refill our bottles ,if necessary, pick our bikes and equipment to start our downhill back to the starting point.

For the downhill we will have two options, we either follow the main road or we go downhill from a big dirt road that the locals are using for their field needs.


Starting time: upon request

Location:Pyrgos Village

Implementation period: All year round (upon request)

Route type: Bidirectional

Activity duration with breaks: 3-4 hours

Difficulty: easy

Suitability: Suitable for all / No previous experience required

Hiking 5,5km Cycling 6,5km

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