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About Us

We are based in Agios Nikolaos, Crete and we are full of adrenaline.
We love climbing, hiking and cycling, but we also love to cocktail them.
When to Crete, meet us in the wild!


Trips & Holidays

We are an adventure trips and holidays operator
based in Crete offering unique and authentic experiences into some of the most stunning areas of the region.
We are experts at organizing a number of activities that bring travelers to experience what we love most, our homeland. 


Adventure & Experience

All of our tours are carefully designed to suit different ages and interests.
Whether a family with kids, a complete beginner, a keen outdoor enthusiast or for those seeking more challenge, we have the perfect adventure trip just for you.
Our team of passionate outdoor guides will guaranty an unforgettable experience,
one that will linger your memories,
long after you have gone back home.

The City

Agios Nikolaos is one of the most picturesque cities in eastern Crete and the capital of the prefecture of Lasithi.
It enjoys a strategic location in the bay of Merabellos and in the summer it becomes a cosmopolitan tourist resort.
Itsancientharbor was known as "Lato to Kamara", Agios Nikolaos is built in the place of the Late of Lato, an important ancient city.
The two cities had a particular edge in archaic and classical times, they had their own currency andworshiped the deity Elythethias,
a protector of births.

Welcome to Artemis and Athena summer place to be

Lasithi begun to develop tourism since the 1960s and today is is a cosmopolitan tourist resort that attracts thousands of visitors each year.
The characteristic feature of the "Agios", as the locals call the town, is Lake Voulismeni where, according to ancient myths, Artemis and Athena were bathers, as well as the beautiful neoclassical buildings that grow around the small harbor and on the uphill streets of the city.

The city lives mainly from tourism, but despite its tourist development it has not lost its graphic character. Every summer, the harbor and the lake is full of restaurants, cafés and shops, becomes a favorite boulevard of locals and visitors.
To the east of thelake there is another popular spot of Agios Nikolaos, the beach of Kitropoleia, which there are many good ouzeries and cafes overlooking the sea.

See the City

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