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Mikro Aloni

Boulder Climbing


4-6 hours

Min. Participants: 2
Over 6 people (-10%)

The "Mikro Aloni" is a new climbing field in Agios Panteleimon of Kalo Chorio. More specifically, the field is located between the beach of Agios Panteleimon and Voulisma beach. You can help us open up and find solutions to new climbing routes, also known as boulders. The "Mikro Aloni" can accommodate a lot of climbing people and is hospitable all year round, summer and winter, due to the subsidence that had taken place on the hill many years ago. The owner of the "MIkro Aloni" managed to make it a small paradise with the plants he has planted (bananas, mulberries, locusts and many more) and the beautiful rocks and the small caves that have created many, difficult and easy, problems for everyone. 


Starting time: upon request

Suitability: Suitable for all / No previous experience required

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