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A different cycling

Today we did our first unpublished cycling ride , a different one that we usually do not do!

We started at #orfanakisbikescenter and we went at the main square of the city.

We wondered around near the coastline at all times until Ormos , the lookout of Mirambello bay.

We had a nice stop to enjoy our fruits and fresh water ,over the sea site and the city's street view.

After the break we continued our cycling journey at the big market of Agios Nikolaos and the amazing lake saying the mythology that surrounds it (we talked for all the "ghost stories" of the lake).

We headed then back to the starting point but from the small pedestrian area that is full of small souvenir shops.

We had an amazing time with the family that choose the unpublished cycling trip!

Thank you guys for an amazing day!

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